Are You A Potato Growing in Hard Soil?

I was. And so were my Desiree potatoes. Once hopeful seed potatoes from the historic 19th century Landreth Seed Company were now enduring Texas soil. By Valerie Grimes Planting a garden is a lot like preparing for the birth of a baby. You prepare the soil, fertilize, water, check for […]

how to conserve water

Being More Like Water. Part 1.

Water has no form because it takes no form and it can also become any form. One day it is an ocean, one day an ice cube. There are days in our life like that. Being more like water means going with its natural flow in all things, being in […]

Reduce water usage.

20 ways to reduce water usage.  Start Today. Repair all leaky faucets, fixtures, and pipes at your residence. Install flow restrictors on faucets. Do not leave water running continuously during dish washing, shaving, brushing of teeth and while washing hands. Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only for full loads, […]

how to conserve water

Tips to Conserve Water Outdoors

The first quarter of 2015 in Dallas were rainy months and those waters helped float us out of the drought officially on paper. However, our water levels remain at a low.  It is important to continue to practice conservation and to treat water like you had to walk a mile […]

Being exposed for all to see.

Nature is a teacher. Exposed. If you were exposed, if your protective cover was to erode, what would be left? The 200 million-year-old trees, who are now exposed, are a sculpted expression of eons of soil conditions, weather patterns and time. Evidence of the yellow and red lichen and rings […]

From tree stands and from buffet stands

Nature is a teacher: sustainability Taking only what you really need, from tree stands and from buffet stands Recently I visited the Oregon and California coasts where logging was prevalent, it is still an industry, but with a replanting program rather than the raping that was going on until 1900 […]

Why is the best view the one from the top?

Nature as a teacher: Perspective. Climbing up to the top of a mountain whether on foot or by car is exhilarating, it is as if our body’s systems know and understand that we are rising above, freeing ourselves in some way. Have you ever experienced that excitement on one of […]

Trading Suburbs for Sanctuary.

Blair met me outside of her house in Anna, Texas as her youngest crawled out a low window onto the front porch.  She was wearing a sexy pair of overall shorts and no bra.  That’s Blair: Creative, Fun, Sexy, Smart and Nurturing.  Moving from the Lakewood area of Dallas about […]

Tips To Conserve Water in the Bathroom

Easy ways to conserve water in your bathroom FIRST, PRETEND YOU HAD TO WALK SEVERAL MILES TO GET THE WATER….. Keep a bucket in the bathtub to catch water as you are waiting for water to get hot, this is great for watering your plants. Install low flow shower heads, […]

conserve water in kitchen

How To Conserve Water in the Kitchen

Easy Tips To Conserve Water in the Kitchen It is important to conserve water all year long, not only in the summer. Install aerators in home faucets. By doing this you are able to increase spray velocity while reducing water use. If you wash dishes by hand, do not let […]