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Trading Suburbs for Sanctuary.

Blair met me outside of her house in Anna, Texas as her youngest crawled out a low window onto the front porch.  She was wearing a sexy pair of overall shorts and no bra.  That’s Blair: Creative, Fun, Sexy, Smart and Nurturing.  Moving from the Lakewood area of Dallas about […]

outdoor water conservation tips

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Urban Water Program Conservation Tips Many water conservation methods can be accomplished by modifying just a few everyday habits and using inexpensive upgrades to technologies in your home landscape. Landscape Watering Tips Water your landscape early in the morning before 10 am or late in the evening after 6 pm. […]

The New Genetic Engineers

Parents can improve the prenatal and post birth environment of their child to affect its genes in a positive way. Or in a negative way. If we look back at the first article on Epigenetics where I made the point that it is our environment that influences much of us […]

Your Cells Are Already Set up for Growth and Protection.

We’ve got a good start, but like with everything, it is a good idea to keep learning. My sister the science writer refers to cells as “learning agents” and I’m going to adopt that phrase (thank you VN Alexander).   What are they learning?  It depends on what is being communicated […]