Being More Like Water. Part 1.

how to conserve waterWater has no form because it takes no form and it can also become any form.

One day it is an ocean, one day an ice cube. There are days in our life like that.

Being more like water means going with its natural flow in all things, being in the vastness and freedom and bounty of an ocean, or getting focused and sitting tight like an ice cube.

What I like about the element of water is that it keeps flowing and going in the direction it is allowed to go and with that persistent flow the water eventually wears a groove, erodes a path and things are easier.

Holding on to the bank of the river and refusing to go along is struggling. There is a delusion there that is preventing the release. You might say, “if only the river was a different color than I would go, if only I had a bigger raft, if only I had someone to help me, if only I had a hat, then I could let go.”  But trust me those things you want are probably just around the bend. Besides if they were to float by, you would have to let go to catch them.

Developing techniques through the hypnotic state to aid our clients in dropping the delusion and letting go and going with the natural flow is The Flow Center and I have gathered together two other great hypnotists to assist.

Come on in, the water is fine.