Why is the best view the one from the top?

Nature as a teacher: Perspective.

Lighthouse and keepers house Florence ORClimbing up to the top of a mountain whether on foot or by car is exhilarating, it is as if our body’s systems know and understand that we are rising above, freeing ourselves in some way. Have you ever experienced that excitement on one of your journeys upward?

Sea Lions Oregon Coast

Sea Lions don’t really see that the killer whales are out about 750 feet, but we do from this vantage point.

From that vantage point, we see the towns, maybe people, the nature, the situation or events that are below in a new way, from a far. We are way up above them and this allows us free space to evaluate. It is like the stepping away from the normal view (usually with four walls) and with nature involved we take in the fresh air, the expansive views and feel and we see that what is below is smaller, seems more orderly.  This gives us a way to gain insight.

Flying in a plane helps me to shift, it is a space where  everything seems much more orderly from there, and you get a sense of the size of lakes and green spaces so there is also a sense of relief that there is plenty of nature around us.

I think of that idiom, Rise Above the Fray is a good one. The queen was positioned above her subjects, above the fray. You could say it was a natural separation of classes.  But I think it was also a way for the royals to keep their perspective. Maybe not a great one, but they new how to keep it.

When we think of negative people or situations, Rising Above The Fray may not be such a bad idea.  So, climb up and out.  Find a way to rise above the fray and gain some important new insights.  Let me know what you discover up there.

(these photos were taken on a January 1, 2015 trip to the Oregon Coast.)