Finding Your True Voice – Talk About Self-Empowerment.

Valerie Grimes, Dallas Hypnotist’s goal is to have her clients become empowered by creating a new awareness that allows access to our rich inner resources known as our true voice. Finding that connection allows for a shift in thinking which creates an atmosphere for some very powerful changes.

Valerie states, “I love working with people who want to heal themselves and create greater love, joy and laughter in their lives!”  This is possible when we connect to that inner voice, the voice that speaks from an unaffected point of view.

To strengthen your connection to this your inner voice, try the following:

  1. think of a decision you need to make
  2. ask yourself “what are you thinking?”
  3. then ask yourself “what are you feeling?”
  4. then thinking of the problem, sit quietly and notice the effect on your body and emotions

When something is wrong for you, you’ll feel constrictions or tightness, but when it is the right choice you will freedom and joy.

Get out of your head and into your heart

When we are plagued with consistent negative messages it is time to get out of your head and into your heart.  Stop and ask yourself is that thought Real, or just something you came to believe.  If it is not real then it can dissolve into your heart where new peaceful thoughts emerge.

Technology has us out of touch with the ability to hear our inner voice and our intuition. GPS has caused us to not even think ahead to where we are going we just mindless follow those commands and sometimes get lost.  We have stopped relying on our own internal compass.

Hypnosis provides us the ability to step into the world of our rich inner life so we can know what we really know. To Find Your True Voice call Valerie for a consultation. 972-974-2094

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