How Is Your Financial Attitude?

Do you spend most of your energy and focus on what you HOPE WILL happen?

Next month things will be different, I hope I win the lottery, I hope I get that job, I hope I get that raise, someday I will live in a big house.

MOVE OVER Hope and Will.          Now there is: IS and NOW.

Our Healthy Financial Attitude Program is based on transforming our past limiting beliefs and counter productive habits that keep us stuck in the cycle of lack, not enough, or I don’t deserve-ness.

The program is designed to take us out of the future where things will be different and puts us in the right now, taking back our power to create our lives in a way that we decide, not based on past negative beliefs (that probably aren’t even true), other’s opinions (which are based on their limited beliefs).

In order for financial success or abundance to occur there are several actions/energies that must come into focus:

  • What is going on up there in our head?  (mind mapping)
  • Where we are now, where we want to be
  • What is your obstacle
  • Removing the obstacle
  • Building the new

Here is Anne’s story:

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me. (Job 3:25)

This is how my 3rd session with Anne started out, earlier we discovered how her belief “there isn’t enough” plagued her income capability.  And now what she feared the most she was living…because there really wasn’t enough.

Some might consider this no progress at all, however she was elated, because she realized the belief was false, there was much in her life at this level and the only place to go now was up.

What I realized was powerful and that is that even though I realized my fear (the fear of lack), I was still Anne and I had a warm bed, my home, a car that starts every morning and friends that buy my lunch and share with me their abundance of clothes and foods.”

To summarize, even thought the client was well trained, good at her profession and maintained an outward positive attitude, she was unable to increase her billings and get out of debt and dependency on others, she possessed an old belief that “there is not enough” and thus created that on a monthly basis, she also realized the “you should” pattern from her family experience:  you should be happy with the fact you are paying your mortgage, you shouldn’t blame yourself the economy is bad, everyone is in this situation, just be happy with what you have.  But Anne wanted more. And our program helped her get that.

Within weeks I started hitting my weekly sales goals and other opportunities have opened up to me, it is amazing, more to come.” Anne/Irving TX

Get Your New Healthy Financial Attitude.  Private sessions throughout the year.

  • What you will learn:
    What your blocks are
    What your limiting beliefs are
    Why you sabotage your success
  • What will you create:
    A belief that you deserve to succeed
    Worthiness- allowing your life to attract wealth
    A positive mindset about money
    The ability to manifest abundance
  • Why is this different:
    Mind Coaching uncovers and releases your negative beliefs
    Mind Coaching creates a solid belief that you deserve to succeed
    Mind Coaching ends self sabotage
    You will not be talking about it; you will be making permanent changes

So do you spend most of your time thinking about what WILL happen in the future, or what you HOPE will happen, get out of the future and realize the power in this the most important moment you have, right now.

Our New Healthy Financial Attitude program is designed to identify your “financial wall” and break it down.  So if you are stuck in a cycle of LACK or NOT ENOUGH-NESS, or I don’t deserve more-ness, let’s talk about how you can free yourself to be an unstoppable money magnet!

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