Landscaping to Conserve Water

Landscaping Tips To Conserve Water

Drought tolerant plants are beautiful, attract bees and butterflies and require little water once established. Drought tolerant plants are the best way to conserve water.

I planted this in 2002, I water it using a soaker hose.  This year 2014, I only watered it 3 times for about an hour.  You see salvia, purple sage, lantana and rosemary, this year I added some cactus to replace the rose bushes which were struggling.

  • landscape that conserves water

    Only watered 3 times the entire summer.

    Use native and adapted plants that are more suited to the climate in which we live. Native plants use less water (I don’t use fertilizer or pesticides on my native plants, they don’t need them)

  • To water shrub beds, ground cover gardens and trees, use a drip irrigation system and soaker hoses that apply water to the roots where it does the most good.
  • To hold moisture and limit weed growth, keep a 3 to 4 inch layer or organic mulch on flower beds, around trees, shrubs and ground covers.
  • Plant during the fall or early spring when water requirements are the lowest.
  • Taller grass blades hold moisture and slows down
    landscape that conserves water

    time to add some cactus to my Texas drought tolerant landscape.

    evaporation so cut your grass at a higher setting and leave the clippings on the ground, as they will return nutrients to the soil.


landscape that conserves water

Lantana are on their 10th year.

Thanks to the Texas A&M Agrilife Research Extension for these outdoor water conservation tips.


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