Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Urban Water Program Conservation Tips

Many water conservation methods can be accomplished by modifying just a few everyday habits and using inexpensive upgrades to technologies in your home landscape.

Landscape Watering Tips

outdoor water conservation tips

Yay! It rained on Tuesday, so I don’t need to water this week.

  • Water your landscape early in the morning before 10 am or late in the evening after 6 pm. If you water in the heat of the day, most of the water is lost to evaporation.
  • Do not over water your lawn.
  • During summer only apply one inch of water on your lawn every 7 days. Doing this will encourage a deep root system and a healthier lawn. Also during the winter months, reduce your watering frequency to once every 15 to 20 days.
  • Remember rain water counts. If it rains, you do not have to water your lawn. To better track rainfall, buy a rain gauge.
  • Water your landscape by run or run sprinklers in manual mode.
  • If you have an automatic sprinkler system, adjust the heads to water the landscape not the pavement, be sure to check your system regularly for leaks or misdirected spray heads.
  • Install and maintain rain/freeze sensors on your systems.
  • Replace overhead sprayers with soaker hoses or drip irrigation.

Thanks to the Texas A&M Agrilife Research Extension for these outdoor water conservation tips.

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