CONSERVE INDOOR WATER USE TIPS Many indoor water efficiency methods use low-cost upgrades to fixtures in your home. Laundry If possible, replace older units with newer, high efficient models. Here is a consumer’s report that may be helpful. By only washing full loads of laundry you will conserve both water […]

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Landscaping to Conserve Water

Landscaping Tips To Conserve Water Drought tolerant plants are beautiful, attract bees and butterflies and require little water once established. Drought tolerant plants are the best way to conserve water. I planted this in 2002, I water it using a soaker hose.  This year 2014, I only watered it 3 […]

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Urban Water Program Conservation Tips Many water conservation methods can be accomplished by modifying just a few everyday habits and using inexpensive upgrades to technologies in your home landscape. Landscape Watering Tips Water your landscape early in the morning before 10 am or late in the evening after 6 pm. […]

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What are you committed to?

I’m committed to My word, Feeling spirit in everything, Being creative, Taking care of my body and mind, Feeding my need for joy, fun and pleasure, Being truthful in my communication, Being a nurturing and caring person to my family, friends and all, To take care of my home and […]

The New Genetic Engineers

Parents can improve the prenatal and post birth environment of their child to affect its genes in a positive way. Or in a negative way. If we look back at the first article on Epigenetics where I made the point that it is our environment that influences much of us […]

Your Cells Are Already Set up for Growth and Protection.

We’ve got a good start, but like with everything, it is a good idea to keep learning. My sister the science writer refers to cells as “learning agents” and I’m going to adopt that phrase (thank you VN Alexander).   What are they learning?  It depends on what is being communicated […]

Our cells can learn. What are you teaching them?

Since our cells are learning agents capable of evolving based on thoughts and environment as research from the past several decades has proven. Then we have the choice to decide how we want to respond to our environment or to be evolutionary robots.  

Life is an unending war among battling biochemical robots.*

Neo Darwinism. Life is an unending war among battling biochemical robots.* Well that is one way to look at it. Here is another way:  life is an interconnected journey contained within our powerful bodies and expressed outwardly by individuals as part of a cooperative community.

Epigenetics. The Science Behind Statements Like “You Can Heal Your Life”

“You Can Heal Your Life” and “You Are the Co-Creator of Your Destiny.” Have you ever wanted proof that your thoughts and environment can change your reality as these statements suggest? Our loving caretakers warned us to “stay away from hurtful people,” “to put on a happy face,” or “to […]

Hypnosis for Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose.

Are you questioning some things about the direction of your life today? Perhaps wondering why you keep repeating counter productive patterns or stay locked in a cycle of abuse, or addictions to harmful substances?