Part 2- Improving Your Self Esteem with Hypnosis

You were born with two feet. Stand on them.

How to strengthen your self to stand on your own two feet (again).

What happened To Your Esteem? Imprints, repression, and alienation oh my.

Imprints affect how you view yourself but are based on others information, not your true nature.  Before the age of 12, they don’t possess critical thinking skills, meaning we pretty much accept all that we are told or shown or exposed to.  So if you were directly told something as hurtful as ‘you aren’t smart so you good you are pretty’, or ‘short men never get very far in life’.

Or indirectly you received feedback from your caretakers like when you were happy and excited and made some noise and father had a headache and told you to shut up.  To a young child, this means expression is not a good thing people you count on don’t like that.

We form opinions of our selves based on these experiences but they are basically untrue.  They stick and we are stuck.  The emotion is repressed and we alienate ourselves from the pain and stop expressing, we stop being the person we are.

Childhood Needs and Adult Neurosis

There are specific parent or caretaker provided needs essential to producing a healthy child with high self-regard, this is Dr. Branden’s list and I love it.

  • To be cared for and protected
  • To be touched, held, and caressed safely
  • To be respected, loved, and valued
  • To be shown interest, understanding and concern
  • To be free to explore
  • To express ideas, emotions, and concerns
  • To be corrected justly, reasonably and intelligibly

If you didn’t receive these essential needs than you might experience adult neurosis, but it doesn’t mean you have an incurable disease or mental illness (I really don’t like diagnosis or labels because it translates in to our ownership of it and we don’t want to own it). There is a way out of our developed experience of neurosis, I refer to it as RE-PARENTING.

But let’s know get too far ahead, first, contact me and I’ll send you an evaluation form, that way you can gauge where you are on the Self Esteem scale, the scoring is on the sheet, so you can keep that information private.


My suggestion to you for improving your score on the self-esteem evaluation is to become aware of your tendencies, behaviors, and feeling states. To do this simply carry a journal with you and begin to record your daily experiences so you can find the patterns.

By doing this for a week or two you can clearly find out what it is that you want to transform. Then you must be really honest with yourself in answering the following question:AM I WILLING TO DO THE WORK TO MAKE THIS CHANGE? Call 972-974-2094

Improving Your Self Esteem with Hypnosis, Margaret did:

Valerie Grimes is an individual who is truly concerned about her clients and has the innate ability to come along side of her clients and uncovering opportunities for individual growth both personally and professionally. Since I began my work with Valerie, I have been able to harness my own potential and now have that potential working for me and not against me. Margaret / Plano



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