Are You A Potato Growing in Hard Soil?

I was. And so were my Desiree potatoes.
Once hopeful seed potatoes from the historic 19th century Landreth Seed Company were now enduring Texas soil.

By Valerie Grimes

IMG_5223Planting a garden is a lot like preparing for the birth of a baby. You prepare the soil, fertilize, water, check for destructive bugs, read the Dirt Doctor newsletter, talk to your Goggle + gardening community and wait for those vines to die, an indication that the potatoes are ready to be dug up.

But those poor little buds had to try and grow in what turned out to be some very hard soil…they did it but they were very small…so I basically had a yield that provided me a side dish for 3 meals, hardly worth the trouble, or was it?

If I look at my garden as a mirror of me then I would have to say that I also put a lot of limits on my self but expect great things. Like trying to grow big potatoes in hard Texas soil.

It takes courage to ask your self the hard question…how and why am I limited myself? Try it and you will see.

The answer for me was that I spend too much time wondering how others will respond to what I do. Perhaps this comes form 20 years in account service in the ad industry, where you better worry about how others will respond.

As I reflect on my parents, they were non-conformists and I know that I am as well, but for some reason feel I have to explain that, to explain that I do see the world in a different way.

But my heart went out to those struggling potatoes as I dug them out of the ground and to myself. I’m going to do all I can to lift all limitations.

Would you like cheese and sour cream on that baked potato? YES, fully loaded please.