Pretty Landscape?

Or is it a habitat?

natural habitatWhen I put this pond in 10 years ago, I was thinking of its value to me...the sound of a fountain, the pretty koi and lily pads.

Now the koi have since departed and it is the home for lots of frogs.  I have since stopped adding chemicals to keep the water clean.  I let mother nature has taken over and it stays clean on its own.  I also like that it provides water for thirsty strays.  It is positioned on the side of my house and open to neighbors wanting a little bit of nature.

What else is also pretty landscape and a habitat?  This broken chiminea photo 1could be home to some little furry thing, or frog? Not sure but it seemed like a waste to landfill it.

The bottle tree looks like art, because it is, but it is also full of bugs for the woodpeckers and fungi or whatever fungi needs.

Even something as simple as stacked bricks or stones can provide safe harbor for snakes and lizards.  When doing landscaping, consider who else lives there and make some space of them.