Relax, Flow, Glow, Grow

I pay attention to those ‘Dream streams’ that seem to flow like thoughts into my awakening reality in morning time.

About a year ago I awoke with the words “I’m the river come flow with me.”  Later that day a client said that the hypnosis session we just completed felt like, “she was floating on a river and that I was the river”  (I used no river metaphors in the induction or session). So when I awoke recently to “Relax, Flow, Glow, Grow,” I knew it was important. The thought came to me at a time when I was transitioning into a conscious choice to “fly solo,” so my two-year relationship was ending and I was tense and tight as I fell asleep. But awakening to those words, it dawned on me that while in that relationship I didn’t glow which means to me that I wasn’t growing and it was time for it to end. But, I was holding on tight to him, to us, to the concept of us even though we were stuck in a cycle of being drawn together and forced apart. A cycle repeated many times in two year’s time. And in all of that coming together and separating my glow was getting dimmer.   So I created this as a reminder of how to ease into the new. The first step is to Relax.

When you’re relaxed and breathing, your body can more easily adapt to any situation. It is when you ‘hold on tight’ that the eternal hold happens, you get attached, your body gets sick, your conscious mind becomes rigid, you get stuck. So whatever you are experiencing now take a moment and relax your body with your own breath, it’s free, it’s right there, use it now, close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing, flowing breath.

When you RELAX you FLOW.

Each day all of us are exposed to and experience opposites: good/bad, rich/poor, exciting/boring, coupled up/solo and you might be attached to one side of that dualistic equation which stops your flow. Life becomes a struggle when you choose to see only one side, your preferred way: Good, Rich, Exciting, Coupled Up?  But the bigger view is that one day it rains, the next it doesn’t, it’s hot, it’s cold, we’re sick, then well. The common thing throughout all of those variances is our perception of them.  Perhaps one day you can appreciate the aspects of being rich, having plenty of money in your account and the next day, allow yourself to consider what it would be like and what it would mean about you if you didn’t.  And just flow with it, no attachment to either. Hmmmmm I wonder what that would feel like? Remember just like the common thing in all things is our perception to them, the common thing in each day is only YOU. And when you FLOW without attachment YOU GROW.

Transmutation occurs from the inside out. ‘Transmutation forces us to serve who we are becoming, beyond who we’ve been: ‘trans (beyond) mutate (change)’.

And that can be painful because it means something is changing. We are moving from one comfortable side to the uncomfortable side, an unfamiliar side. One of the functions of the subconscious mind is to avoid pain even though consciously we know it is for our good to change.  During this time it is when the pain is allowed and felt, observed, then breathe, relax and be.

And when you allow yourself to GROW (feel the pain), you GLOW.

♪♪“this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”♬♬♬

I am reminded every spring of a miracle as my yucky yuck pond suddenly produces perfect pink lotus flowers and I think, “How in the heck did those delicate flowers emerge from that mess”?

Through relaxing and flowing you soon discover your flower just under the surface and allow it to emerge from the water and blossom in the sun. That flower is that part of you that is unaffected by your past and current dualistic attachments and experiences. Did you know your inner flower is bright, glowing, beautifully shaped, and brilliantly colored? Connect with it deep inside and allow it to return to the surface, it is time to blossom and shine, to glow.

How Would Your Life Change If You Were Relaxed, Flowing, Growing, and Glowing.

 Valerie Grimes © 2013

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