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Self Help Book for Alcoholism and Hypnosis.

Announcing the Self Help Book for Alcoholism and Hypnosis: Licking Honey Off A Razor Blade. Order Now. By Valerie Grimes

Self Help Books Alcoholism and HypnosisWhy does an intelligent, independent forty-something woman fall heart-first for a whisky-drinking, unemployed, young hottie? To help him change, of course, but it turns out that she needs to help herself.  In Valerie Grimes’ fictionalized memoir, and self help book, “Licking Honey off a Razor Blade,” she tells an erotic but tragic tale about obsessive love, where projection predominates, and how she used hypnosis to rediscover her authentic self and stop her own alcohol dependency to become truly independent. A classic tale of confession and psychic redemption.





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