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How Imprinting Affects Your Ability to Lose Weight.

Baby Ducks Imprint with Their Mothers Baby Humans Imprint with Their Mother’s Cooking. And how hypnosis transforms imprints from negative to positive so you can lose weight. In hypnotherapy training, we studied Imprints. Imprints are how our life experiences or life events effect us based on the meaning we assign […]

How to Undo Chemical Addiction to Junk Foods.

They say food companies have proven formulas that keep us hooked on junk food. Michael Moss author of Salt, Sugar and Fat was recently interviewed on THINK, the radio program on KERA 90.1 hosted by Krys Boyd. What I gleaned from the interview was this: Junk foods have power over […]

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Finding Your True Voice – Talk About Self-Empowerment.

Valerie Grimes, Dallas Hypnotist’s goal is to have her clients become empowered by creating a new awareness that allows access to our rich inner resources known as our true voice. Finding that connection allows for a shift in thinking which creates an atmosphere for some very powerful changes. Valerie states, […]