Trading Suburbs for Sanctuary.

Blair met me outside of her house in Anna, Texas as her youngest crawled out a low window onto the front porch.  She was wearing a sexy pair of overall shorts and no bra.  That’s Blair: Creative, Fun, Sexy, Smart and Nurturing.  Moving from the Lakewood area of Dallas about a year ago,  Blair and her adorable hubby Stu and 3 small boys  (I said: THREE small boys) live in their a large 2-story house with plenty of room to surrounds themselves with lots of animals.

As she showed me around she was like an excited child.  This woman, who overcame a cancer diagnosis has a vitality she could sell if she could figure out how to bottle it. And knowing her, she will figure that out.


bunny skippy kidds Guineas tour Big Apple frilly chicks

The freedom to BE that they have created for their family and animals is admirable.  It’s a lot of work to feed and care for the animals, little time for herself, but she smiles that addictive smile and wanders off to the chicken coup….through the bamboo forest to fetch me some eggs.neckless

And did I mention, she make necklaces with the peacock feathers, and bracelets too.  Of course behind every good woman is a good man…Stu, you are the rock!

The Texas Wildlife Sanctuary, Anna, TX

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