Weight Loss and Plateaus Oh No!

We Help You Get Off the Plateau and Continue Weight Loss.

After losing weight for several months consecutively, you may plateau on the scale for a few weeks.  Has this happened to you?

If so, this does not mean that you are not still losing fat.  You can lose 15 inches and not have the scale move. So the first thing is to measure your inches or check your body fat percentage each time you weigh.

The scale will catch up. Think of it as the body getting reacquainted with itself.  During this time, continue what you are doing to reach your goal for weight loss.

Considerations for overcoming a plateau so you continue to lose weight on the hypnosis program for weight loss:

  • Are you drinking 8 glasses of water each day?
  • Are you eating regularly, has anything changed?
  • Consider eating only low GI foods
  • Are you logging your foods?
  • Consider a 7 day Detox Diet/Cleanse
  • Has anything changed in your exercise program?
    -working out harder, not fueling body enough
    -body is use to the work out and needs a shift[/box]

So, if you have been losing weight but hit a plateau you may need to make some adjustments.

A Plateau is a natural rest for you body—your body is refueling for next goal!

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