What Is My Life Purpose?

hypnosis for spiritual growthAfter 50, It’s Typical To Question Your Life Purpose

As we age we find ourselves retiring, widowed, empty-nested, or divorced.

If we have been identifying ourselves in only one way and that changes, it is normal to begin to question our purpose, to wonder what our next step is.

To this point in your life, you are the affect of all of your life’s experiences and the feelings attached to them. They have shaped your current beliefs and behaviors—your identity.

If in the past you have identified yourself in any of these or other ways:

– as a working mom who now has college-aged kids you might be wondering if you really still like your job

– a person who suddenly lost a spouse after 30 years of marriage and now your security is in question

– an employee who celebrated your 25th anniversary at a big firm and feel like you need to simplify your daily life

In any of these or similar scenarios, you may feel a little stuck, but that is only because you have associated yourself with those ideas, dreams, habits, environments, etc. so the mind has a hard time adjusting. To your brain, these events are unknown and perceived as threat which creates fear and/or pain and this is what stops you from moving forward.

However with hypnosis we can shift the UNKNOWN to a KNOWN so your mind more easily accepts the idea and treats it not as a threat but as an exciting new way of living.

Your brain is complex but also primitive in a lot of ways, it knows Pain/Pleasure and Unknowns/Knowns. The Knowns are perceived as pleasure, the unknowns as Pain.

What changes in your life if you could?

  • Be self directed and not swayed by others’ expectations,
  • To not be thrown off course by life’s events,
  • Be success driven,
  • Be comfortable in your body,
  • Be focused on the present,
  • Be appreciative of the past and its lessons,
  • Be excited about who you are (or are becoming),
  • And to be curious about the future?


In doing so return you to your inner guidance system and unlock your full potential which improves self-confidence and strengthens self regard. Then you will be certain to as to the answer to: “What Is My Life Purpose?” Then we help you CREATE A NEW PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY to effortlessly move down a new path, the one you choose—A KNOWN PATH.

So if you are questioning your life today, call 972-974-2094 for a consultation to see if hypnosis is effective in creating a new personal philosophy.



In private sessions we explore your Physical Body, your Mental Body, your Emotional Body, and your Spiritual Body.  Our goal is to connect you with your True Self, (your True Voice) and to Activate Your Full Potential so you can discover and then Live Your Life’s Purpose.