How Imprinting Affects Your Ability to Lose Weight.

Baby Ducks Imprint with Their Mothers
Baby Humans Imprint with Their Mother’s Cooking.

And how hypnosis transforms imprints from negative to positive so you can lose weight.

In hypnotherapy training, we studied Imprints. Imprints are how our life experiences or life events effect us based on the meaning we assign to it.  The meaning is in the form of a chemical response which results in a behavior.

Imprints can be direct or indirect as well as positive or negative.  Here are some examples of an imprint and the effect they could have:

Event: Dog Bite at age 5 (Direct Imprint/Negative)

Thought/Feeling/Behavior: Dogs bite/I’m afraid/Age 25 still stays away from dogs.

Hypnosis interrupts the feeling from the behavior and creates a new feeling and thus a new behavior.

Event: Favorite Song at age 15 (Direct Imprint/Positive)

Feeling/Thought/Behavior: I’m happy and carefree/Positive memory of summer camp/Age 40 hears song again, feels happy and carefree.

Hypnosis can use old memories and feelings to transform a current situation.

These imprints don’t just affect our brain they start a chain reaction of events that travel from brain to body and body to brain.

 Thought + feeling = behavior

The thought is in the brain, the feeling is produced via chemical response (in brain and body) and the behavior is an automatic response or action we take as a result of the thought and feeling, or feeling and thought (sometimes they are in reverse depending on the person).

Smell a rose and you may be reminded of a pleasant Mother’s Day, or feel awful as that smell reminds you of an attempt by your spouse to right a wrong.

So when it comes to food, think of all the imprints there are!

Blue Plate Special is the story of author Kate Christensen’s life, told through a series of recipes and favorite dishes. She spoke with NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin on July 6, 2013.

She discusses her connection with soft-boiled eggs and buttered toast and how it triggers a memory and feeling of her parents fighting at breakfast. So now avoids soft-boiled eggs and buttered toast to not have to live through that emotional memory again.

But a positive imprint with food can cause a person to want more and more of it because of the good feelings it produces.

Think about homemade ice cream as a child, your grandmothers pie or pancakes, mom’s chicken fried steak, auntie’s lasagna, or dad’s famous grilled burgers and you may just trigger a feeling of hunger, based on a thought “that sounds good,” or, it could work the other way.

If for example you didn’t have a great relationship with your dad and the only time you felt connected was at family BBQs, then the hamburger for you could be a connection to your dad and when you feel a similar feeling (perhaps being lonely), you may drive through a fast food hamburger place to fill the need. And this happens below your conscious awareness.

Since hypnosis is a state of mind wherein the subconscious becomes available for reprogramming we can look at these events with a new perspective, for example we can see that the feeling of being lonely can be met in other ways besides food, we can break that imprint and then the person no longer makes those unconscious decisions that lead to counter productive habits and weight gain.

So you can see how Hypnosis transforms imprints from negative to positive so you can lose weight, if you are ready to lose the imprints so you can lose the weight, call me for a complimentary consultation 972-974-2094



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