Hypnosis for Emotional Problems

hypnosis for self help and life purposeHypnosis for Emotional Problems Teaches you How To Make The Journey From Your Head to Your Heart.

All too often we find ourselves locked into endless negative emotions that create set of habits and behaviors that are not representative of what we truly want and who we truly are. Hypnosis for Emotional Problems makes the journey from head to heart a simpler one.

“Emotions are constantly regulating what we experience as reality.” Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion


How can I change my life around?

If you could free yourself from:

  • Negative Thoughts
  • Sadness
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Confusion
  • Regrets

In some cases, our feelings about events and people from our past may cause us to put up emotional walls. These walls lock in doubts and fears and prevent us from opening our lives to new, positive events.

“Valerie guides you through your imagination toward solutions…an imagination that is contained within the very same mind that has experienced the joys and pains of your life. This approach provides significant ‘A ha’ moments” rapidly – as the recall and rewiring happens from within and instantaneously.” Ray L. Dallas, TX

You could:

  • Invent something unique
  • Create a business/grow your business
  • Achieve any goal/learn a skill
  • Have financial security
  • Be in a loving relationship
  • Enjoy vibrant health
  • Feel happy, secure, and fulfilled

Emotional Pain is Not a Final Condition. It is a Starting Point.

Hypnosis helps you discover and understand your current emotional state and then transform it.  You learn to let go of the past and gain the freedom to make decisions for your future.

HYPNOSIS also helps you to view a past memory and the emotion attached to it from a new perspective so that emotion can be transformed.

Are you ready to connect you with your True Self and to Activate Your Full Potential so you can discover and then Live Your Life’s Purpose?

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