Hypnosis for Mental Problems

hypnosis for mental balanceIf you are experiencing a life transition, learn how hypnosis for mental problems gives you mental strength.

Sometimes when things are hard we try and force our mind. Which is a conscious attempt. The answers are not necessarily the function of your conscious mind because behaviors emanate from the subconscious.  When we TRY to do something conscious that is the job of the subconscious we get the opposite effect.  That law of mind is called the Law of Reversed Effect, hypnosis for mental problems is the basis of that law of mind.

[quote]Processing from our sense organs (smell, hearing, sight, etc) is unconscious, however thru intentional awareness we can bring this into our consciousness and alter our perception of something.[/quote]

Creating permanent behavior change requires the cooperation of both the conscious and subconscious as well as to correct any emotional imbalance or spiritual imbalance.  So if you are discouraged at your inability to make a permanent change in your life, it is not your lack of willpower, it is the inability for the subconscious to carry out your conscious intent.

We ask for change.

We are given the opportunity to change.

We embrace the opportunity.

We start feeling different.

The mind tells us that this feeling is ‘wrong’.

We become afraid.

We turn against that which is changing our experience.

We return to what is familiar and safe.

Nothing is accomplished.

We feel more frustrated and disillusioned than before.

The mind has grown stronger, and we have become weaker.

from The Presence Process, Michael Brown

Hypnosis is used in our sessions to reprogram the subconscious to that our conscious intentions become easy and seemingly effortless.

HYPNOSIS helps you to bring cooperation or balance to your conscious and subconscious to you feel mentally clear to move forward with a goal.

Are you ready to connect you with your True Self and to Activate Your Full Potential so you can discover and then Live Your Life’s Purpose?

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