Part 1 – Improving Self Esteem with Hypnosis

What is your opinion of yourself right now.  If it is good then great, if it is poor then you are reading the right article.

I want you to understand that your current response is resulting from your brain’s programming, it is your biology. But, you can transform that response. Here are a few things to understand first.

A person’s behavior is expressed from emotions which are subconscious. There is always an emotion either preceding or following a thought, and resulting in a behavior. The way a person feels about themselves (their level of esteem) precedes a behavior.

Here are a few examples:

Thought, emotion= behavior

I can’t do anything right (thought), shame (emotion), avoidance (behavior)

Emotion, thought = behavior

A person gets the results from a test, feels shame (emotion), I can’t do anything right (emotion) avoidance (behavior)

The difference in this order has to do with the way an individual’s brain processes the information.

Okay, so know you understand why you do what you do.

Self Esteem: The way a psychologist explains it.

Dr. Nathaniel Braden, author of The Disowned Self states, “the proper processing of one’s thought, feeling and behavior can lead to a fulfilling and joyful life.  If the feeling is stopped or repressed during our developmental years the result is a lower level of self esteem.

He continues, “emotions are psychosomatic embodiments of value judgments: an integration of ideas, beliefs, and experiences. And once that exists (within one’s self) it is that person’s personal reality. Normally an emotion is expressed then discharged. Denial represses that progression and the emotion becomes stuck.”

We make evaluations of our selves based on feeling or not feeling on a variety of ideas and experiences, which express outwardly in our current adult life but below our conscious awareness (or our level of self esteem and the resulting behaviors).

So we succeed in some areas and fail in others depending on our level of self worth or self esteem which is usually untrue.

But, hypnosis can assist you in accessing these emotions for processing and/or transforming your current belief about yourself.

Would you like to increase your level of self worth?

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