Epigenetics. The Science Behind Statements Like “You Can Heal Your Life”

“You Can Heal Your Life” and “You Are the Co-Creator of Your Destiny.”

Have you ever wanted proof that your thoughts and environment can change your reality as these statements suggest?

Our loving caretakers warned us to “stay away from hurtful people,” “to put on a happy face,” or “to look on the bright side.”  These suggestions made us feel better but those statements were actually programming our cells, which over time actually modified our genes so that we became more predisposed to be happier.  Predisposed is the key word.  Because even though our environment could have been happy, but as we age we are exposed to more and more and dominance wins, that is the law.

Signal Transduction and Epigenetics are the sciences behind happier cells.

Signal Transduction – the study of biochemical pathways by which cells respond to environmental clues (the fate of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment).

Epigenetics – the activity of our genes is constantly being modified in response to life experiences. 
Definitions are from Bruce Lipton in his book Biology of Belief

I’m healthy: “I have good genes”
I’m sick: “I have bad genes”
Your cells are listening. 

Remember this:  You Are What You Eat.


Why this works: Epigenetics and Single Transduction

Here are some examples of negative SELF TALK relating to wanting To Lose Weight and Keep It Off:

  • My mother never kept it off, she would lose and gain 15 pounds all her life.
  • My metabolism is low, I don’t burn the foods I eat.
  • Exercise is boring.
  • I’m over 40, so I’ll just except that I can be overweight.

Now here are some examples of positive SELF TALK relating to wanting To Lose Weight and Keep It Off:

  • I have decided to be in control, to feel powerful.
  • I’m fit and healthy at any age.
  • When I decide to be my ideal size and shape, it is my decision and no one else or their history affects my ability to reach my goal.
  • I am discovering new creative ways to exercise that feel good and are fun.

1st step. Decide. Once you have decided you no longer want to be overweight then begin to examine your motivation and desire lose the weight.

2nd step. Write Motivation. Write a list of what changes in your life when you do  (the benefits).

  • More energy and productivity
  • Improve self esteem
  • Start a new sport or hobby
  • Be healthy into my retirement

After you decide and make a list of your motivations, then begin to examine your SELF TALK.

3rd step. Keep a journal of your self-talk. Keep a journal for one week and then begin to rewrite some of those statements so they match your goals.  Inner speak must match your goals in order to achieve those goals.

The idea is to immerse yourself in the new positive behaviors you desire.  Change your environment so it supports you by sending a message to your brain that you are moving towards the new healthy behaviors.

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