How To Create A New World.

There is a saying in Spanish “cada cabezas tiene su mundo” it means “our heads are our worlds” and we live in that “world” every day.

Our worlds, our heads, our minds provide us with information that we in turn respond to. Sometimes that response is favorable and sometimes it can be counter-productive. Should your behaviors be taking you further from your goals and keeping you in a cycle of addiction, hypnosis offers a view into this illusive world—the subconscious mind. In a state of hypnosis, the view is expanded so we can see the true causes of a behavior.

A “true cause” can be

  • a belief about our selves (we are bad),
  • unexplained pain that we are attempting to comfort,
  • fears about the future, etc.

Originally we had this negative feeling, assigned meaning to it and created a defense or behavior to make us feel better (the subconscious mind is wired to avoid pain). After time, this becomes a habit and we become out of touch with the original pain. But we can break the cycle of this addictive nature, by getting in touch with the true part of you that is unaffected by the negative messages. You can call that part your higher self, soul, spirit self, whatever sounds right to you.

In my work as a hypnotist, connecting my clients to that inner part of themselves brings the client an overwhelming sense of joy and freedom.

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